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Reviews for "This Christmas Eve (pell)"

This Christmas Eve (pell)
by Snowflake
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Sat, Dec 3, 2022 @ 11:22 AM
permalink   Sun, Dec 4, 2022 @ 8:05 PM
dear mrs. snowflake. i am a big fan of your art and have already created some songs with your acapellas. however, i have a bad feeling. because you do not give me any recommendation on my, i do not want to exaggerate, but i think that they are, my masterpieces of human creation. i could even convince lovers and connesseurs of commercial generic music, who finance their way of life by living in their record label castle on wall street in new york city and from there please mankind with the effusions of their stars and starlets, of my music. but i sense evil. since you, dear lady snowflake, ignore my art, it could be in my case like i saw it on the popular tiktok. there was a d.j. who bought a feature with dua lipa for 80.000 dollars. but as he told in his tiktok, she withdrew her permission. and now the poor man is starving. and asks the audience if he should publish the track anyway. i thought i was in an advertising campaign for an unknown d.j. but when i heard d.j.’s not very witty art with dua lipa’s acapella, i thought to myself that dua lipa doesn’t stand for rock stars who are inclined towards their own s3x and whose time has long passed, like elton john, for nothing. but i felt sorry for the poor up-and-coming d.j..

and now my real concern. dear lady snowflake, do you like the art of stefan kartenberg or loveshadow more than mine?

but i don’t want to put you under pressure. i don’t expect an answer from you. in any case, i thank you for your acapella and thank myself for the remix i created with it.

and just so you know. i bask in your glamour and send these remixes of mine, masterpieces to the knights of commercial music in their castle on wall street in nyc. where they listen to my and your music dear lady snowflake.

i hope for your understanding and send you a greeting from my goddess, who said this morning at three o’clock central european time:

bug someone else.

i remain with kindest regards