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by aliteralmind
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Tue, Nov 10, 2015 @ 5:23 PM
permalink   Wed, Nov 11, 2015 @ 3:13 AM
“…and to get Bernie Sanders elected”

Do you remember when Barack Obama was being elected? The whole nation seemed in an elevated state of near euphoria, like it was Christmas. Like things were going to be different now, Yes We Can and all that. Do you also remember how a big part of his campaign was to get big money out of government? Haven’t heard a word about that from him since his election. Bernie will face the same thing if elected. Powerlessness.

To think our elections (or your vote) mean anything is somewhat naive given all the evidence against it. Do you remember the election of 2000, when a half million more people voted for Gore than Bush?

So how do we ‘make a change’? How do we get our country back to a democracy (if it ever was one) from the plutocracy it is today? Hell if I know. But pretty sure ‘from within’ isn’t the answer. Way too corrupt in there for that to work.
permalink   aliteralmind Wed, Nov 11, 2015 @ 6:54 AM
Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were exciting candidates, but only so-so presidents. They both promised that they would “work with the Congress” to get things done. But Congress has no interest in working with them, obviously way more so today than with Bill Clinton. The reason they were only so-so presidents is that they were both supported by fabulously wealthy donors. I believe they did the best they could under the suffocating demands from their donors, but that’s nowhere near good enough.

The primary difference with Bernie Sanders is that he is the first candidate in decades that refuses donations from anyone except the common man. The campaign sent a cease-and-desist to a super PAC that wanted to represent him ( He now has more donations than any presidential candidate in history at this point in the campaign ( One of his few campaign promises is to only appoint Supreme Court justices that commit to overturning Citizen’s United (see the bottom of

What’s different about Bernie is that he does not pretend that he can work with Congress, because Congress is obstructionist by design—it’s what their wealthy donors want. This is the reality we now live in:

The only way things are going to get done in a Bernie Sanders administration, is if we stand with him and behind him and, in Bernie’s words, “give them an offer they can’t refuse.” I’m 44 and have never been politically active in my life. Now a significant portion of my day is spent trying to get Bernie Sanders elected. I absolutely will go down to Washington DC, and I absolutely will badger my local representatives, for the issues that are the most important to me (defeating the TPP, campaign-finance, income inequality, and global warming). “Either vote for what’s right, or I will vote you out.”

There was no semblance of this from Obama or Bill Clinton after they actually entered office. We were pushed aside as soon as our votes were cast. Bernie Sanders’ campaign AND PRESIDENCY are fundamentally designed around this concept, and for the first—and if he’s not elected, likely the last—time I actually believe it.

I’m not just blustering here. I am walking the walk. Here’s a taste of my current activism:
- I’ve donated about $300 so far to his campaign, which is about $280 more than any other candidate in my lifetime (Barack Obama).
- My Twitter feed is 100% dedicated to getting him elected (well, 90% Bernie, 10% defeat-the-TPP):
- I made three hours of phone calls to Iowa this past weekend, something I’ve never done before:
- Flyered for three hours two weeks ago with my nine-year-old in tow, again something I’ve never done before.
-Went to yesterday’s Fight for 15 rally in Philly, as a volunteer representative of Bernie’s campaign, wearing my new union-made-in-the-USA shirt, to show our solidarity with their movement: and

That a revolution is needed is not an exaggeration. There is no way for him (or anyone) to accomplish any of these ambitious goals without our help.

Here is a powerful endorsement of Bernie from a guy I’ve never heard of before, that shows just how important this election is: We’ve cycled back to 1929, and Bernie is trying to save us as did FDR with his New Deal.

Make no mistake, this intersection of Bernie Sanders and the TPP is one of the most important crossroads in our county’s history, and Bernie Sanders is the most important candidate in generations.

I don’t expect you to take an hour out of your day, but this is the speech that turned me from a Bernie supporter into a Bernie devotee. His Tuscon rally to around 13,000 people. Bernie starts around the 58 minute mark.

Please consider researching Bernie Sanders a bit more. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Watch him in this weekend’s debate (CBS is streaming it live for free) and see for yourself if he doesn’t connect with you. In comparison to Hillary Clinton especially, who in my opinion is Republican Lite.

Even if you believe Bernie is being unrealistic in his goals, he is a hell of a lot more realistic than Hillary, whose words are one thing, and whose actions once she enters office will likely be another.

One more video for you: Thirty years of Bernie Sanders speeches in twenty minutes, showing just how consistent he has been. He says exactly the same things today as he did thirty years ago.

Please please give him a chance.
permalink   Speck Wed, Nov 11, 2015 @ 8:01 AM
You don’t have to convince me of Bernie Sander’s worth. If I had an ounce of faith in ‘the system’ I’d be voting for him. But I don’t. I don’t believe the president alone has enough power to make a change, and I don’t believe the rest of Washington has any motivation to. But I am glad there are still people like you, whose faith is not yet exhausted by the struggle. Who knows, maybe someday the 99% will have more power than the 1.

Maybe you can help me understand something - Laws are made by congress, right? Congress is in the pocket of big money, right? Why would congress pass a law counter to their (and their big money donors) own selfish interests? In other words, how are you going to make a law against the lawmakers? What’s the plan? Is there a plan?
permalink   aliteralmind Wed, Nov 11, 2015 @ 8:12 AM
This Congress wiill not pass a single thing until they’re either voted out of office, or intimidated more by us than their wealthy donors. The system is completely corrupt and needs to be recreated. This is the first step.

If you have no hope in our government or this movement or in Bernie Sanders, then please at least consider voting for him, if only to give *our* hope a chance You don’t have to participate or believe, but please don’t set your foot out and trip us on our way there, by sabotaging or withholding your vote.
permalink   aliteralmind Wed, Jan 13, 2016 @ 9:07 PM
Any change of heart? I hope I didn’t personally turn you off. I was just starting my activism at the time. Still major activist for him, host a phonebanking event at my house every weekend.

I hope you’re seeing what I’ve suggested is true. He’s not just another politician. He means what he says and says what he means, and has been doing so for four decades.

Please consider visiting the center of the grassroots universe: http:/