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Reviews for "Dream in Blue"

Muso Miozoto
permalink   Sun, Jun 6, 2021 @ 4:44 PM
A nomic masterpiece I likely will never hear.

Keywords: “Dream”, “Blue”, “minor”, plus “remember”.

Crime: having the aesthetic of an unsolved or unsolvable scavenger hunt.

Non-commercial CC licensing prevents corporate culture from abusing sharealike copy ethics.
That risk originates from a distribution problem which scavenger hunts promise to solve.

That the song has more remixes than recommendations credits the quality which I likely will never know.

Uploading the mix to a website requiring obfuscated scripts to navigate, weighs like a heavy sin against the true lulz. The comedy we all seek in the end by creating our culture: internet culture. I say so, just to clarify what I mean by “lulz”.

In 2007, you could have risked curated art without permission to include in an AMV. If the video no longer existed due to an abusive artist seeking revenge for unwelcome attention, I would have more solace. That way, if you atleast generated enough exposure ex;ob the art (including the music), then at the very least the internet archive would have collected your creation.

Instead, I have my immeasurable disappointment.