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Timothy Allan (timothyallan)

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Timothy Allan is an independent Canadian electronic musician and producer currently residing in Melbourne,Australia.
Integrating numerous musical influences including, but not limited to, techno, house, progressive, trance, and ambient, Allan’s music borrows from a variety of genres and explores the boundaries of contemporary electronic formats.

Allan first discovered electronic music in the mid 1980’s after hearing songs composed in the almost extinct method of computer ‘tracking’. Discovering the underground, pre-Internet BBS scene that traded and created these files would prove to be instrumental in furthering Allan’s creative development. Initially using computer and software technologies to create compositions, Allan eventually felt limited by the restrictions of the medium and began to explore other avenues of production.

In 2002, with the acquisition of a synthesizer workstation, studio monitors, a four-track recorder, and a small drum machine, Allan began to write using physical instrumentation rather than computer-generated sound. He continues to explore – and extend – the boundaries of his medium and works to produce music from his private studio.
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