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State of Mind (stateofmind):

State of Mind (stateofmind)

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STATE OF MIND is the Nom de Guerre of Kim Bonfils, a Danish keyboard player and multi-instumentalist, with a long career as songwriter and synthesizer player on the Danish art rock scene.

His solo project STATE OF MIND merges the classic singer-songwriter tradition and minimalist electronica with a distinct retro flavour. Songs with an off-beat edge reminiscent of Serge Gainsbourg or Daniel Johnson are set in an unusual and synthetic soundscape - evoking Kraftwerk and Brian Eno.

Kim Bonfils handles all instruments and programming, creating a simplistic, often drum-less sound, carried mainly by synthesizers and vocals.

The songs of STATE OF MIND explore the complex workings of the human psyche. From the eye-opening epiphanies to the destructive thought patterns that turn us into helpless bystanders to our own lives.
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Wed, Jul 13, 2011
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