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Patrick Balthrop uses customized real-time processing applications to produce electronic music. Granulated vocal tracks ebb and flow, weaving in and out of microbeat sine waves and found sound glitches. Patrick seeks to further breakdown the historic gaps between the composer, the computer, the instrumentalist, the producer, and the performer. His music lies where these disciplines intersect and interact.

Besides his original production work, Patrick is a professional sound designer. His current project is the highly acclaimed, highly anticipated “BioShock”, slated for international release in 2007. The level of audio interactivity on this project is simply astounding.

Patrick’s sound designs have been internationally distributed. His songs have been placed in films, including most recently “The Regret”, which will be heard at The Sundance Film Festival 2007. Patrick’s software research has led to the development of performance based generative plug-ins. His proprietary software plays an integral role in his interactive performances and productions.
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