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MOTOWN JUNKIE (mo_junkie)

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Born in 1978 into Elvas Portugal, Edgar aka Motown Junkie soon began his musical adventure incorporating a local philharmonic band (banda 14 de janeiro) after learning to read music and play tuba quickly the classical formulas of popular music led to projects more experimental pop like, The Clean and Shaved Brains. After a few years dedicated to those projects that never reached the defined creative objectives Edgar began producing their first solo songs in the late 90 using the pseudonym of Lesbian Phone and release 2 demo audio k7 self produced and distributed in a underground scene that still today keeped in a restricted group of friends and acquaintances. Between 2000 and 2004 Edgar moves to √Čvora city to study audio and video production and post production it begins to take more seriously the skills of their production. In the years that follow there are several contributions to other projects and underground bands working as producer and some nights as dj in local events. After some years underside of the buttons and the knobs decided to begin release some of their work produced in his home studio entering into direct contact with the Portuguese net label scene that increasingly feeds their creativity . For booking contact:
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