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I am a music and 3d graphics hobbiest. From time to time, I will play around with Sonic Foundry and create a song just for fun. Hopefully, one day I can demonstate to young people that they too can be creative with music or 3D graphics without a formal class. Either by cutting and pasting available samples with Sonic Foundry or inputting notes via computer keyboard via Cakewalk. In actuality I feel that my music sucks and I would be the only one that would like it. I truly appreciate the positive comments that the posters on this site have given me. It truly was a very pleasant surprise. Especially since I added Chuck D’s vocals to two existing songs that I had on my hard drive. So, I understand the comments concerning the vocals being too loud. I added the vocals to both tracks within an hour. Basically, I was curious about how bad my music is. When I saw the positive remarks, I almost fell out of my chair. I was astonished. Perhaps, I should try and improve my skills at this and maybe one day I will come up with something that is good. To all my fellow contestants, I wish you the best of luck and keep on doing what you are doing…..don’t give up!
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