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Louis Lingg and the Bombs are goddamn punk-rock-garage-pop-anarcho saviours of the 2 and half minute pop song. The bombs they throw are musical, they come from Paris (they could only come from Paris!) and they’ll grab you and demand your instant attention. Their sound is a mix of ultra-political anarchic punk rock and fizzing children’s nursery rhyme riot-pop. Laced with so much energy and a whole sonic attack of chaos and fizzy energy, they throw a crazy live party. They could start a riot in a phone box and regularly blow up little bars with pop Molotovs and bang bang boom boom punk rock energy!
The group is named after Louis Lingg, the famous Chicago anarchist who committed suicide on death row in 1887 after the first May Day protests. Some of their songs are ultra-political anarchic punk rock and some are children’s nursery rhyme riot-pop. ALL of their songs are full of fun-fun-fun pop hooks!
Their music is 100% DIY and is mostly recorded in their bedrooms. Made with cheap instruments and broken computers, their records sound great. Homemade DIY music doesn’t mean sub-standard. Their sound is a manic, punk rock explosion - a poppy riot starter.
The history:
They finished their first 7 track CD EP in December 2006. (Distributed by they played lots of concerts all over Paris and France with loads of rocking bands, national and international.
In September 2007, they released the single Princess Mononoke in the UK on ORG Records and had radio play on many French radio stations as well as stations in Spain, Belgium, New York, Canada, Venezuela, Mexico and XFM and Resonance FM in the UK. http://www.organart.demon.c...
In November 2007, they recorded 2 new songs for a 7-inch single that never came out, Chomsky changed my life and Madonna is a corporate whore. Available free at
In December 2007, their song, Chomsky changed my life, was on the PPP Zine / Generation Extreme compilation (France). http://generation-extreme.c...
In January 2008, Chomsky Changed My Life was featured on the Ferme de la Justice compilation (France) alongside great bands like I Love UFO.
Their song, Conspiracy, is on volume nine of the Netbloc compilations released by Blocsonic (USA). Blocsonic is run by a member of Slamjamz, Public Enemy’s record label.
In March 2009, a live version of their song, Going Nowhere Fast, was featured on the Postghost live compilation along with some of the best live bands in France.
In May 2009, they finished their new, full length album (18 songs!), Lullabies for Mutant Monkeys. Mastered in Brooklyn by Jon Cohrs from Spleenless mastering.
In October 2009, our song, La Menteuse, was featured on the …Quite Useless Creative Commons Sampler alongside some great bands like Bomb the Music Industry! released by Heart Star Industries.
November 2009, their EP, Louis Lingg hates your laws comes out on Damaged Goods Records. Legendary label of The Buzzcocks, Helen Love, Atari Teenage Riot, Asian Dub Foundation, Holly Golightly and many others! It’s cool and very rare that punk from France can get global respect like this!
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