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Thu, May 30 8:03 AM Dagon review of Stranger forever by reiswerk
Wow!! I never expected that! GREAT!
Thu, May 9 1:16 AM Dagon review of The thing by Robbero
Its amazing! I love it! Well done my friend!
Mon, Nov 12 9:19 AM Dagon review of Love is a river by Stefan Kartenberg
Ohh you are so talented!!!
Mon, May 15 10:22 AM Dagon review of In The Cold by Dan_Mantau
Thanks so much!Nice dark music.
Sat, May 13 1:39 AM Dagon review of Where to go Remix by martinsea
So interesting...i couldnt imagine that remix and i like it!
Tue, Apr 11 8:59 AM Dagon review of Bleed by Stefan Kartenberg
Oohhh Stefan!!! You are doing magic.I am not proud of my voice,but you are maki...
Sun, Mar 5 11:27 PM Dagon review of Hungry by Stefan Kartenberg
Now thats something i did not expected! Wunderbar!
Fri, Mar 3 1:02 AM Dagon review of Not acceptable by Stefan Kartenberg
Its getting better and better!
Mon, Feb 27 11:21 PM Dagon review of Forbidden love by Stefan Kartenberg
No doubt,you are a big talented person! More to come!!!!
Tue, Jan 31 11:20 PM Dagon review of In the cold by Stefan Kartenberg
You got exactly my feeling for this acapella.You are genius my friend!
Sun, Jan 29 11:05 PM Dagon review of See you in hell by Stefan Kartenberg
This is GREAT!!! Thanks so much for that SUPER remix!! Your music is sooo good...
Fri, Nov 28 11:58 PM Dagon review of The_Master by Stefan Kartenberg
Thank you so much for creating such a beautifull song!
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