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Gerador Zero (geradorzero)

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Gerador Zero is a brazilian electronic one-man band where tha man is Fabio FZero.

The project started off in 1995 with a different name - Subwoofer Conspiration - and changed to Gerador Zero (“Generator Zero”) in 1999. The first releases were basically tracked music modules distributed through some now defunct FTP sites and informally on IRC channels, in the height of the demoscene era.

g0 slowly gained respect on the brazilian alternative scene and in 2003 we were invited to play on Tim Festival - the biggest alternative/ecletic music festival in Brazil - on the same night and stage as Coldcut and Front 242.

g0’s sound is hard to describe. It’s electronic music for sure, but with so many different styles and influences that it’s impossible to pigeonhole it. The whole idea is to stretch the limits of electronica, rock, brazilian music and whatnot without distinction and with no ambition to fit on a given scene. Whatever groove that fits an idea goes.


I also release mash-ups under the MECHUPA name. Since it’s all based on copyrighted material, I can’t post the tracks here, but you can go there and download MP3s and Ableton Live packs (yeah, you read that right).
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