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Donnie Drost (donniedrost):

Reviews left by Donnie Drost

Mon, May 24 2:57 AM Donnie Drost review of inside by urmymuse
Well, I like this slow version a lot. The mighty guitar's supply an excellent co...
Mon, May 24 2:45 AM Donnie Drost review of Mint & Whiskey by maineguy
Respectfully and nice treatment of Lisa's excellent track with a touch of melanc...
Mon, May 24 2:41 AM Donnie Drost review of Broken - Trifonic (SolarRain mix) by SolarRain
This one is really good! Many remixes of this track just take a dance beat and p...
Mon, May 24 2:21 AM Donnie Drost review of I am only thirty by debbizo
It's a pitty! My English is much too worse to understand this lyrics. But, every...
Mon, May 24 1:57 AM Donnie Drost review of Zoot-Ska Boogie by texasradiofish
This drifting beats, the brass section and the rest - just cool!!!
Mon, May 24 1:53 AM Donnie Drost review of We Go Here by Ivan Chew
Great remix Ivan. You've turned the excellent pella in a new direction, full o...
Mon, May 24 1:43 AM Donnie Drost review of Letting It Go by CiggiBurns
Your fabulous mix really fits on this sunny and warm morning, great.
Mon, May 24 1:39 AM Donnie Drost review of Put your Hands Up by BrunoXe
I like it, how your mix is ending in a dramatic and emotional way. Just a bit sh...
Thu, May 20 12:01 PM Donnie Drost review of The UnicornĀ“s Dream by onlymeith
Was caught in the plot, from the beginning until the end. Brilliant.
Wed, May 19 11:41 AM Donnie Drost review of Nora - Ms.Vybe VS Bradsucks by pun
Pretty nice vocal contest, I like the rhythm and floating beats. Just the finish...
Wed, May 19 11:31 AM Donnie Drost review of Got To Rock by Blake
No idea, how you create this damn cool bass beats - impressive.
Wed, May 19 11:30 AM Donnie Drost review of With The Light by The.Spirit.Of.Light
Really everything fits together, especially the Hammond organ (B3 ?), I am lovin...
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