Deep Roots Remix Event
Cezary Ostrowski (ditri23):
Fri, Mar 20 12:28 PM Announcements :: Endurance Secret Mixter
As I have no idea where to post it, I post it here. Contest : GOLDEN LALA AWARD...
Sun, Jan 14 9:58 AM The Big OT :: Hi Folks
I missed ya all :) So I came back with a tiny bit of work. BULLDOZER
Wed, Nov 16 8:55 AM The Big OT :: INACTIVE BY CHOICE
Premiere - 09.12.2005 - Krakow, POLAND Soon, very very soon. Thank you Ash :)
Mon, Nov 14 11:10 AM The Big OT :: INACTIVE BY CHOICE
I have been chosen to write music for a theatre piece by F. Arrabal called "The ...
Sun, Oct 2 8:37 AM Pluggy Plugs :: Let's DiSfish
DiSfish - common net lebel of today - announces the beta opening. You are all we...
Sun, Jul 31 3:10 AM The Big OT :: Back soon....
It might look like I have abbandoned you, but I simply broke my right arm :( Pro...
Thu, Jul 21 8:16 AM The Big OT :: Fun Stuff
Had fun, a lotta fun :)
Sun, Jun 19 5:16 AM The Big OT :: Cry for HELP !!!
Does anybody know where shall I pray to get at least one copy of the previous co...
Wed, Jun 15 11:24 PM The Big OT :: FIVE remixes?
Look at the site Vic. I guess we need to introduce some other kind of scale. Fiv...
Wed, Jun 15 6:31 AM The Big OT :: FIVE remixes?
I did my job :) Anyways, I almost forgot its below cooocooo time! Are you back, ...
Fri, May 20 8:58 AM The Big OT :: Check this out !
Wanna bet on it? I'm only fourtysomething ;)
Fri, May 20 8:48 AM The Big OT :: Check this out !
Great project Vic! Is this allowed? I mean from the point of view of law?
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