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Reviews left by demir

Mon, Dec 15 8:53 PM demir review of Le Groove Turc by murat ses
Congrats! Like your use of synths and voices. Thanks for sharing. D
Mon, Jul 21 1:53 PM demir review of Anadolu Psych 2 by murat ses
Well done.. Am familiar with Murat's and KCentric's + Cameron's works. Great f...
Fri, Jul 11 12:37 PM demir review of 2025 by DoKashiteru
Great mix DoKashiteru!!! Colin's talking style (rythm in his recitation) is exc...
Wed, Mar 19 4:09 AM demir review of Pequennas Alas by SilviaO
Great vocals. Demir
Tue, Jan 29 12:34 AM demir review of The Search Part 2 by spinningmerkaba
congrats man really great
Tue, Jan 29 12:32 AM demir review of Gray Rainbow VOX by spinningmerkaba
anyway it's very good :-)
Mon, Jan 28 11:03 AM demir review of "Jungle Tracking" by pingnews
Congrats, man. We like (mean Murat Ses and me) your drums. Keep groovin'
Tue, Jan 22 9:25 AM demir review of Mourning Dew (Ana Dolu Mix) by Kaer Trouz
Everything's fine here. Murat is Murat as always, Father of Anadolu Pop and Ele...
Sat, Jan 19 10:58 AM demir review of Anatolia Meets Central Asian Steps by murat ses
Murat, thx for using my sample
Tue, Jan 15 10:36 AM demir review of My Apocalypse Now (Vertical Split Mix) Vocal by Kaer Trouz
Great vocal. Recommended by Murat Ses. Thanking Murat for this info. Demir
Sat, Dec 1 7:32 AM demir review of Hypnotic Place by murat ses
Great stuff, Meister :-) Will sound great with vocal addings (KCentric, Phusio...
Fri, Apr 20 10:05 AM demir review of Nube by SilviaO
Great, as always..
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