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Batard Tronique (batardtronique):

Batard Tronique (batardtronique)

About Me
I live in Brittany (french west side).

I’ve got ukrainian and belgian origins, I started music in 2005 with my computer and some weeds, I was influenced by venetian snares, aphex twin, photek, enduser, sickboy, bong ra, goldie, wu tang, hip hop music, trip hop, dub, balkan beat and drum’n bass.

When I discovered hardcore music, breakcore, and IDM, the most important influence was venetian snares. so I started music for fun and it’s always current. I like to make differents styles, my artistic name represent this way of making, “batard” mean “bastard”, I choose it not for depreciate myself, but for the music styles mixing ! and “tronique” come from “electronique” because I make only electronic music. For your information, my others artistic names are Brat and Psykoxxx.

Brat is my political/trash/metalhead part of me, and Psykoxxx is my drum’n bass/hardbass part, Batard Tronique that’s more open on the others style, I can try to make house, dub, grime, idm, etc… and it will be always Batard Tronique style.
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Sat, Feb 4, 2012
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