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Victor Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of cell phone parts and phone accessories. Supplying superior products at low prices, we welcome companies worldwide to cooperate with us.

Why do you use tempered screen protector?
When you just bought a new phone, the phone is high tech, has all the gadgets and apps you need, and is sleek and cool. Once you get over just how awesome your new phone is, something else pops into your head: protection. You spent a lot of time, money, and effort picking out the perfect phone. It’s important to make sure it stays in the best possible condition. You may have heard of “ tempered screen protector”.

What’s portable phone charger and mAh?
portable phone charger serve as an ‘extra battery’ or external charger for your phone or other electronic devices.
mAh mean milli Ampere Hour, the capacity of the portable phone charger is measure with mAh.

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