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Going to my first “real” discotheque in Holland at 14 (allowed 16). Started buying and composing almost exclusivly more electronic and underground dance at about 17, first exposures in Montreal to all night dance partys : Old Montreal wharehouses, Clubs ex: Crisco (First live act seen “to change life” Cybersonic live with Dj Robert de la Gauthier), Loft parties, Any Underground dance event..

First serious gig was the chill out room for 6 hours at Solstice.Influances in music since then are too may to name.. All the real Underground Musicians who never gave up their true self, If popular or not! :) example: Ritchie Hawtin, Juan Atkins, K-Alexi, Jeff Mills, Jammin Unit, Warp Records, Derrick May, Josh Wink, Dave Clarcke, Robert de la Gauthier, Bandulu, etc.. and so so many more …

I have played under several Pseudonims, Mainly appearing as Dj Twin Peetz & The Difference Engine as live, also as Synthestianz live several times. Dj or Live act at about 150-200 Electronica Events, clubs or partys, Participated or helped organize alot of events/partys, alot of booking other acts also, grafics also,Chill out rooms…web pages, Own a label since 1995.. the First Release was with Robert de la Gauthier made 5th place in Dj Hell’s Chart in Groove Mag…

Josh Wink OPENS HIS DJ BOX : LAUNCH, odrex Trip n 001 This record is Canadian, I had a little bit of trouble putting my hands on it. It hits hard, very dry, minimal and is completly nuts. When I play this record, most of the people believe I am mixing and playing with the eq knobs like a madman![..] You know, my mixes stay very varied, at the image of this album. I truly try to bring people on a sonic odyssey, I have the habit of playing acid jazz records or jungle, or even 12”s from Cypress Hill like I did recently in front of 8000 people. But, well, during my last trip to Europe, I mainly concetrated on house and techno.,)

From Frontpage magazine in the record reviews: The Launch EP >(Odyssey Records) New label out of Montreal, initiated with Robert de la Gauthier, Mainly known in Germany by his presence in alot of hardtrance events and with Montreal ambient pioneer Twin Peetz. Three freaky trax (?) are on the record, wich are alienated in dj manner by eqs, volume and Effects. Who generally likes gimmics, will like this also. RRR

Also composed and produced:

The Difference Engine : Decryptage de pornographie sonore Odrex trip 002

Synthestianz : Scoptophilia ep Kh11 001

Release 001 of very experimental sublabel of Odrex Od_Ex by Restgeraeusche not composed just released on the label.

Release 20 on Sweet Smelling Surfaces (Tampopo’s Internet Label) Synthestianz : Escape from New York

The Difference Engine founded by Twin Peetz for his live acts has become cooperation between Twin Peetz and guests…

Synthestianz founded for live acts by Twin Peetz (Dr.Maniac) and Fancie Feast (Mark HEll).

Gigs in Montreal:

Solstice Chill out room all night with Interchill & Fred Usa Ritchie Hawtin , Repete , John Aquaviva , Chris Farley , Tiga , Pierre ,..

Oasis Chill out room dj with Gnat all night with Dj Dimitry , Robert de la Gauthier , Dr No , Fred Everything , Spacefrogs , Interchill , Dj Choice , Dale charles , Onionz , Mini Mono , Tiga , Disco Dan ….. and several Eden Production events as Dj.

Majick part2 as live act with Thomas Schumacher , Terry Lee Brown Jr , Misstress Barbara , Brainstormer…

Enigma Dj Main room and Chill out with Jammin Unit,Patrick Pulsinger,Oral Float,Tim Ryan,Yaz,Unit,Public Ennema,… Enigma 2 The Underground hard tech room all night with Fancy Fiest 8 hours live+dats+dj Mike Huckeby,Bizz OD,Heather Heart,Kerosene,On-E,,David Cooper,Kid Koala,Double A & Twist,…

Motor Mainroom Dj Juan Atkins,Dwin,Terrance Parker,Saturnin,Garth,Choice..

Liquid@Metropolis by Harmony Resident dj chill room with Ben from Eden prod , with Sasha,Keoki,Nav,Fred Everything,Interchill,

Arrival Live act @ Arrival 2 (trance, psychadelic techno room) Live act @ Arrival 3 (Main Room) with Joel Mll ,Dave Clarke,Ben Long,Stacy Pullen,Tim Taylor,Brenda Russel,Mike Dearborn,Steve Stoll,The Stickmen, always with alot of good locals also fresh and old school …..

Cabaret Electronique Isea 95 dj with visuels by Synergie friday night comments: (Closing Party: i / o Synergie (Canada) A mixture between raves, poetry, video, contemporary art and media criticism, the collaborative and chaotic creative process of this local multimedia group offers a technological entertainment that has the curious laughing, provokes the bored and has you thinking while dancing. Created for ISEA 95 with minimal ressources, I/O’s will be the occasion to unveil the results of their foray into the musical domain. The visuals accompanying the show and the rest of the evening will definitely show a touch of satyricism towards the “technology as an answer to all our problems” so often met these days.)

Creative laps produced by Dj Phillgood Live Chill out all night with locals …. with Autechre ,Dj Lewis , Fsk 1138,…

Sweet as dj with Mark Anthony,Tiga,Luc Raymond,Chris farley,Gnat,333,Interchill,Dante,…

The Wavelenth series dj & live with Ic1,… with Robert de la Gauthier , Mateo, Interchill , Neerav , Brainstorm , Adityo, St Michel, Ic1, …

Parallel Blink main room Joey Beltram,Robert Armani,Russ Urban + locals …

Astronomy Domine produced by ALX Dj set at the Planetarium with Interchill.

Played at Foufounes Electriques Techno Sundays several times dj & live once …

Played at Lzard with Robert de la Gauthier, Pfreud, ave Mario …

2 Nexus for Synergie and also Sunday Chill out on the Mont-Royal

Also participated & played and organized party for Capsule Corp from france,

Smile Partys live and Dj Pfreud + locals

A Gaian Groove party as dj

Matrix nights with Dj Yaz

Vibe partys resident produced by Adityo

Popsicle as Dj produced by Cybervamp & Iznogood

Helped organize a Psychotrope event

Fractal Surfers event as dj and as mixing with Robert, live acidic chill..

Nights with Dj Jinx (alex) and sisters after hours ..

Several partys at museum Just for Laughs (including after party of Eclipse The Orb Live)

Apperared several times on radio shows as Guest, dj, or live cinq fm, on Ckut and other University or College radios.

New Film festival as dj,

comments about the event in a local newspaper: Natural born scratcher Lee Schnaiberg, scratch video artiste extraordinaire, will be launching his latest video The Earth Changes at this year’s New Film Fest. But Schnaiberg doesn’t just want to premiere his film, he wants to change the world. After the film’s screening, The Earth Changes will transform into an all-night party set to promote environmental awareness. Schnaiberg’s amazing doc, done on a pittance, examines environmental alternatives, featuring interviews with authorities on the subject from across North America. The video will screen throughout the evenings of Friday June 13 and Saturday June 14 at Kali (1407 Ste-Alexandre, the old Stornaway). The band lineup for June 13: The Hashimoto Show, Lisa Gamble, The Shalabi Effect, At Random, S.H.U., Queen-Size Shag and Twinkle and DJs ALX, Twin-Peetz, LCD25, Synergie and Ali Mixx. June 14line-up: Jordi & Grayson, Alan Reid Band, the Motherfunkers, Funderware, Harvey Christ and friends.

wrote an articles in trance 5000.

Played at Angels a few times & many other gigs…

From the Montreal electronic scene photo documentary book Rituel Festif

Everybody agrees to say that Montreal overflows of good djs, To such a point that few are those who manage to live from their work. Montreal has always been equipped with a strong bastion of House Djs, with excellent djs Christian Pronovost (In Beat), Luc Raymond (DaGroove Records), XL (Sonic Recordings), the young Fred Everything they also produce their own “trax”. Most of the main djs play mostly in after hours and clubs, like Mark Anthony or Chris Farley. Robert de la Gauthier the model dj for alot of his Montreal colleagues is persuing his dj career in Germany. The status of dj has singularly taken a dimention of stradom in the past few years. The fascinatiion for the control of the dance floor and the need to put a noble name to this activity has pushed it even to qualifying certain as artists. But they are mainly “Operators”; the dj channels the flux of information, models and recycles them. 1.Without being able to be exhaustive, lets mention: Philgood, Barbara, Twin Peetz, Adityo, Nivoc, Jeff MK Ultra, Mateo, Thunder, Mad Max, Saturnin, Jordan Dare,Double A & Twist, Patrick Dream et Nav (Harmony), Mas,Endless, Pfreud, Sylvain Girard, Alain Vinet;or also Neerav (aka Mini MOno), who produced the fan zine Trance 5000. They all bring a remarquable contribution and special touch to the Montreal house-techno scene. The hip-hop scene, is more or less integrated in raves also, and expresses itself better in clubs. Two scratchers distinguish themselves from the others: Kid Koala the first Canadian to have signed a contract with the label Ninja Tune, and, A-Track,world champion of the DMC 97. Its also from Montreal that the label Ninja Tune runs its business from North America, by Dj Wig; His accomplice Gnat at Disquivel. Dj YAz runs Inside records. Tiga is adding a label to his store DNA.

Rest of the world:

Here are some other places I’ve played : Quebec city several times , In Berlin: Raw Tempel, Tacheles (cafe Zapata) a multiculti style bar in a cooperation between Brazilian drummers and electronic music. C-Base, Prinz Oslo, Columbia Club, Cafe Schmidt, Schönwetter, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Fishlabor… Played and helped organize Partys in Broolyn Nyc, Events in Toronto by Kind productions (main room live act) with Terry Mullen,Algorythm,Deamon,James Hastings, … Have been several times in Trois Rivieres live & dj ….

Comment about Odrex Event in France:

Billy Nasty says: (before our party at Midem France) monthly internet letter on […] Next Wednesday I’m hosting, along with Ben Long from Potential Records, a Potential / Tortured records party at MIDEM conference. That’ll be wicked. […]

The review of the party the month after :

Although January is always a quiet month, I just cant say no to an opportunity for a new experience or gigging at a new town or venue. So as always this January was just as eventful. My full respect goes out to Thomas Castellini and all at Odrex in Cannes for their help in the Tortured / Potential records party which gave me my first opportunity to go to Midem, although I didnt get to the conference. Myself, Ben Long, Ade Fenton n Pragues La Di Da had a great time there, whizzing round the Monaco Circuit at mad speeds. Respect. […] BN

Xlr8 : mag article

MONTREAL, A very very very cool city, by DJ Fanciefeast

I want to talk about a very cool city that doesn’t get enough publicity: Montreal. It’s been an exciting year because I’ve had the opportunity to see huge parties, a great vibe and a lot of talent; local, American and European. Our scene has a couple of strong points. The first is the amazing support we get for underground, experimental music. Also important is the diversity of our scene. Montreal has thriving house, trance, techno, goa, and hardcore scenes. The most popular sound for Montreal is hard acid techno. People here are crazy for it. Our parties range from a few hundred people to 7,000 people. A rave will be packed until about 10am or noon. In the summer, it’s standard to have several parties on the same night, like a small loft party and also a big warehouse event. Sometimes two or three major productions go off simultaneously. So energetic people can surf raves almost as easily as bar-hopping. For all our diversity it’s a close-knit, friendly scene. I’ve been able to meet people from many different places because Montreal draws tourists to our scene from all over Europe, Toronto, New York and surrounding American states. January 20th we had Carl Craig playing live and Derrick May with Juan Atkins spinning. Since the party, Waxy, was on a particularly cold night, the event didn’ t get as many people as it should have. Since the cruel Montreal winter is in full swing here, the emphasis switches from raves and warehouses to the club scene and the quintessential Montreal event, the loft party. The winter is when Montreal goes underground. For New Year’s I went to Playground (one of Montreal’ s favorite after-hours club) to hear Robert de la Gauthier (formerly a Montreal DJ who now lives in the Netherlands) and a local experimental techno band The Synthestians. Robert’s style is never static; every time I hear him play, the music is new and exciting. Some other great performances this month were from Christian Linder (from Le Petite Prince records) and DJ Sneak. Another nice club to check out is headvolutions. It’s a weekly event with various local DJs spinning hard trance and hard acid. This week I saw Giest and Brainstormer. One of the excellent things about Montreal is that you can hear good electronic and techno music on the radio. Some of my favorite programs are on CKUT, our college station where I can hear ambient world music, and CINQ FM, mostly trance but featuring local live techno acts once a month. There is a complete rave radio listing at Canadian music and especially Montreal has been getting a lot of international attention lately. Montreal is full of very talented musicians working hard at creating the music of the future. One of these labels is Hybrid Structure. You can find out about them at The site also has some tasty techno links from Montreal and the world. Odrex, from DJs Twin Peetz and Fanciefeast, is involved in experimental minimalist music. Also from Montreal is Interchill Records which just released a 12” with Vancouver’s Pilgrims of the Mind and also Discreet/Indiscreet Records. These last two labels are more on the ambient jungle tip. Montreal is really starting to develop its own sort of sound, and there is a lot of energy in the city. Last summer saw the biggest parties here ever and this winter is incubating the vibe for an excellent 1997 ….

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