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Terrenaissance is about Trinbagonian World/Acoustic fusion. It is a synthesis of indigenous and international art, popular and folk musics. The band taps into almost all genres of Trinidad and Tobago as well as diverse vocal styles and languages from around the globe.

Founded in late 2006 by Avianne Callender, Terrenaissance has members hailing from different parts of the island and varied musical backgrounds. Members include Joel Castagne on lead guitar, mandolin and cajon, Chanzo Greenidge on berimbau and vocals, Chris RasCas on steelpan, bongos and vocals, Trevor Ramesh Samaroo on vocals and bansuri, Harsh Sikumar on tabla and naal, Roger T.I. on vocals and percussion and Avianne Callender on rhythm guitar and vocals.

The name, Terrenaissance, is a combination of two French words (‘terre’, meaning earth/land and ‘renaissance’, meaning rebirth) which signify the rebirth of world music. As a band emerging from one of the most multicultural societies in the Western hemisphere, its configuration, which principally embodies the mix of the island, immediately and easily mirrors that of an authentic global village. As such, Terrenaissance’s repertoire consists of original compositions and it is delivered with instruments that do not require electricity to be functional.

Their vanguard sound is reminiscent of efforts by local heavyweights to fuse local genres. Terrenaissance has forged new pathways as the first band locally not just to compose and perform it wholly acoustic but to experiment with various languages, oral art forms, vocal styles and live instrumentation.

The band is currently based in El Dorado, Trinidad and Tobago.
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