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I totally agree how an indivuals imagination has become a reality over the centurys.. One of the Wright brothers for example imagined that there was somehow a machine that would be able to take flight into the air and fly in the sky… Mans dreams are their imaginations searching for reality, Mans dreams are the reason of todays crisis in poverty stricken countries.. but look at a particular country such as Africa, where we see such deprivation and disease, A.I.D.S has killed millions.. it all seems so sad…yet that country has a goverment and a city where finance and the work place fit the ppl around that city white collar jobs… we are meant to believe that through charity we can help those in poverty..but the money we donate, has to go through the govermnent who take a large chunk out leaving hardly anything left for those it was meant for…Mans dream was to create an affulent area of africa..Mans dream and imagination also chose to use A.I.D.S kill off as many africans as possible Mans imagination created genocide, when Mandella went to make a public speech , next to him stood singer Annie Lennox.. he said to her quietly… this sint some out of control diease.. this has been controlled..this is Genocide..
Anyway each individuals imagination can be positive one or negative.. and what the young people of the world are being given ..such as video games,, killing people, fighting and sickly enough my now ex partners son showed me how cool as he put it ..was he new video game … it was a serial killer that had a varied choice of how they were going to kill his victims..OMG>>> Someones imagination had been a part of this product..
There is no way of controlling the masses where imagination comes into it…maybe if these above mentioned products, where stopped.. and maybe if there was a change in the world to start caring for the planet.. and caring about others around you, that need a little help…if the news just said every nite..if you wish to view the negative points and issues of today please go to BBC website where you are free to watch… So now to todays positive issues and stories. as the headlines…jeez at the end of the news the last story was a positive and sweet story of the day… they scrapped that years ago..

Mans imagination can only go as far as his mind has seen or witnessed.. felt ot been given openly as such negative in scale…if youth were onlly given all their minds absorbs.. if all they knew was how to help others. share and talk to ppl..about how good they feel..their imagination will be as free as it is now…but with no negativity .. destruction hate war ..
Iimagine the UK to just stop for 10 minutes..and listen to a single voice ask if they feel that a government is nessisary as its stands now… do people agree with the goverment and what they have done?.. do we want change..and more control withion the population of the UK.. why is it government over spends in billions.. and then penalises the every day people by higher taxes… there are few people in so called power in this country…and there are millions of population who suffer at the hands of the government.. millions against a handfull of power freaks and industrial psychopath??.. there is a hidden power within the people of the \UK ..i imagine one day the country will realise that power…and that the ppl take contol more…ive ranted on too much ..sorry for politics shite etc…just trying to envisage what could be ..if more people realised and then with what facts they have realised imagine what they hoped and wished for..and become a follower of this group of ppl who imagined the same thing…dreams and imagination…. the saying Make A Wish! at blowing out birthday cake candles..imagination.. movies our imagination creates either a good or bad vibe…music ..created by artists who imagined…Motzart and his genius imagination at such a young age imaged a piece of music, written for the use of 25+ instruments.. and he created a masterpiece in his mind.. as he imagined how it might sound with a certain type of instrument.. etc..a genius as so many other composers….BY the way…the song “IMAGINE by John Lennon… its lyrics basically tlak of a One World Government no religion no country same currency.. why would he of all people even give it such a name as his followers would know its words to the song ..was he hoping to influence a New World Order.. hell no….i hope not
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