Deep Roots Remix Event
Sat, Aug 12 1:07 PM Bugs :: URL needs to be updated appear...
Tue, May 30 5:19 AM Bugs :: Back Online. Put bugs & issues here
Not all links has redirection to https:// so it gives Syntax Error. Artists ...
Fri, May 26 5:49 AM Bugs :: Back Online. Put bugs & issues here
Needs redirection from http:// to https:// best way to do it is using htaccess
Sun, Jul 10 4:23 AM The Big OT :: Editor's Picks
Why do only a few people appear in the Editor's Picks and they are the same peop...
Fri, Dec 8 10:12 PM Bugs :: Editor Picks
Hey , please fix the bug in Editor Picks. The tracks cannot be played on the ...
Wed, Nov 25 8:01 AM Help :: How can I view old-style Cappellas
How can I view old-style "A Cappellas" page. Is there any ways to change it?
Wed, Jan 21 8:08 AM Help :: Cannot remix user IDzeroNo
Hello, I cannot remix user "IDzeroNo" some acapella's. It was deleted ,but st...
Thu, Nov 14 11:34 AM Bugs :: Fatal error: Allowed memory size
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate ...
Sat, Sep 22 12:53 AM Help :: Problem
Alright. Doesn't matter.
Thu, Sep 20 9:34 AM Help :: Problem
For example: When I choose bmp 90 and selection RAP there is only two acapella's...
Sun, Sep 16 12:11 AM Help :: Problem
Also tried other alternative ,but problem the same.
Sun, Sep 16 12:10 AM Help :: Problem
Hello guys I can't see half or even more acapella's. The problem is when I c...
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