Reviews left by RizKeyG

Fri, Apr 10 1:23 AM RizKeyG review of Political Engagement by Javolenus
I am Liking this !
Fri, Apr 10 1:20 AM RizKeyG review of Lovely Joan (Trad.) by Javolenus
to my ears ..YOU are really good on the AXE
Fri, Apr 10 1:18 AM RizKeyG review of Funky Cravings by Javolenus
would go well with a montage scene out of Starsky and Hutch.
Fri, Apr 10 12:30 AM RizKeyG review of cityGarden by airtone
Sublime and sonically intricate
Thu, Apr 9 12:28 PM RizKeyG review of Verdant Buzz v01 by Jonatha Chance
A definite recommendation with listening to this whilst wearing headphones.
Thu, Apr 9 12:23 PM RizKeyG review of Sisyrinchium angustifolium (Judielaine Mix) by Jonatha Chance
Sonically interesting throughout.
Thu, Apr 9 12:20 PM RizKeyG review of Cosmologistics (ft. mwic) by Jonatha Chance
Its like Vangelis has afternoon tea with Gary Numan .. down in the cosmic park ...
Thu, Apr 9 11:39 AM RizKeyG review of Hang in there by Jeris
Ive been on a sabbatical from this site for over 6 months as working on a soundt...
Thu, Apr 9 11:32 AM RizKeyG review of Pressure (featuring CourtneyOdom) by Jeris
Smooth vibe! To add ... with all your mixes you create a big sound
Thu, Apr 9 11:24 AM RizKeyG review of Funky Boat by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
I can almost hear JAZZ FLUTE !
Thu, Apr 9 11:23 AM RizKeyG review of Open (septahelix remix) by septahelix
The sound processing in the groove is expertly done !
Thu, Apr 9 11:21 AM RizKeyG review of This Heavy Cloud So Dark by Subliminal
EPIC soundscape
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