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Thu, Sep 3 2:53 AM RizKeyG review of Spirit of 92 by Apoxode
Sun, Aug 30 2:46 PM RizKeyG review of 6 Feet Under by Dan_Mantau
Its like it was created by a whole band at the same time . 'unreal' when you co...
Sat, Aug 29 6:07 AM RizKeyG review of The Blender Volume Three by Apoxode
This is a completely different concept than im used to. It's a bit like the "...
Tue, Aug 25 11:20 AM RizKeyG review of Close to Mike jazz mix (ft. oldDog) by CiggiBurns
Light me a cigar and pour me a cognac !
Sun, Aug 23 7:52 AM RizKeyG review of Slow Lane by Zep Hurme
I like this
Sun, Aug 23 7:28 AM RizKeyG review of forgottenland by airtone
Beautiful melody
Tue, Aug 11 6:06 AM RizKeyG review of 100 Million Souls by Zep Hurme
" Erittäin kiva ! "
Mon, Aug 3 3:01 PM RizKeyG review of Don't You Think That I by J.Lang
Tue, Jul 28 10:58 AM RizKeyG review of Let Me Breathe Again by mykleanthony
Displaying perfectly what this site is all about! Creating inspiration from each...
Fri, Jul 17 1:19 PM RizKeyG review of Count On Me by Zep Hurme
Beautiful ... To me ears
Fri, Jul 17 1:18 PM RizKeyG review of The way you move by Manolo Camp
Reminds me of the days with using MIDI !
Fri, Jul 17 1:13 PM RizKeyG review of Dreams by J.Lang
I like it !
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