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MAKKROSS (soulSIDIOUS & Clarance Boddyker) (MAKKROSS):

MAKKROSS (soulSIDIOUS & Clarance Boddyker) (MAKKROSS)

About Me
The members of rap group MAKKROSS, producer soulSIDIOUS and rapper/lyricist Clarance Boddyker, decided to form a group after meeting online on the remixer/musician community website, CC Mixter.

soulSIDIOUS, born in Vietnam and currently living in Paris, France, has been heavily influenced by the graffiti culture and the underground sound of rap music since the late 1980’s. An accomplished artist, producer and musician, soulSIDIOUS is involved in the independent mixtape and underground hip hop scene in France, always experimenting with and perfecting the �?MAKKROSS�? sound.

Rapper/lyricist Clarance Boddyker, hails from the South Bronx, New York City. Influenced by all forms of music, Boddyker strives to cement his own style of lyricism with the sounds of progressive rap music. Writing rhymes since the 1980’s, he has recorded music in the U.S., the Philippines and Australia, always looking out for new sounds and ideas in hip hop. Boddyker believes that while the South Bronx is the home and birth place of rap music, it has grown up now and belongs to the world.

The members of MAKKROSS create music by swapping beats and vocals via email, having yet to meet. Their shared goal and mission is to perfect the MAKKROSS sound and prove that when it comes to hip hop, it ain’t where you from, but where you’re at…

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Mon, Jun 25, 2007
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