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Hidden Fortress all began with the re-meeting of two very different minds, Matthew & Junko, Matthew a musician and Junko a video artist.

The initial EP “Here We Are Right In Front Of You” was written and recorded in one week, and was intended as more of a test of equipment and ability to see if it was a valid idea. Junko and Matthew agreed it was, and decided to form a group, an audio/visual/conceptual experience.

The name was chosen from Akira Kurosawa’s film of the same name, and because of the intended and continued secrecy of who they really are, wanting to be judged on what they do, not what they were. After an initial request from a student of Matthew’s “Wind Chill Factor” to be remixed their appetite grew, now Hidden Fortress re-mixes are spreading like a wild fire.

Now well over a 100 in number and almost 100 from Myspace artists alone. Ranging from classical to Hip Hop, Death Metal To Pop, Hidden Fortress assimilate and re-create leaving their mark on the music whilst having the utmost respect for the artists original intention. With their continued inertia Matthew & Junko have been able to work on “Secret Police” the Audio/visual/concept album/DVD in absolute secrecy.

And what’s Junko been doing while Matthew slaves away making re-mixes for everyone, under the sun? Well she’s had a baby in January 2006.

We have also just got into home made electronics and circuit bending etc, the result are free to download. Below.
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