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iluffchinchillas (Hannah_da_masta):

Reviews left for iluffchinchillas

Fri, Dec 23 11:04 PM economix review of Come This Way by iluffchinchillas
Fabulous! I clock this at 138bpm. LYRICS (as I hear them) I don't know how to sa...
Thu, Apr 14 11:45 PM writersam123 review of Survival is the Key by iluffchinchillas
Nice pella to produce. YouTube Link
Wed, Jan 13 10:13 AM victor review of Throb On by iluffchinchillas
Hey - it sounds like you got a real mic! Your voice is great and the song is rea...
Fri, Aug 19 7:36 PM Sturzstrom review of Throb On by iluffchinchillas
I really like this, but it needs a better recording. Youve got a great voice.
Sun, Jun 5 1:59 PM Vidian review of We're Not Meant to Be by iluffchinchillas
Lyrics and tones are awesome :D The only thing is the distortion and the recordi...
Wed, Mar 30 5:08 AM Admiral Bob review of by iluffchinchillas
Awesome! As a podcaster, I thank you. :)
Sun, Jul 12 8:47 PM gurdonark review of Storms by iluffchinchillas
You have a really pretty voice. Although the recorded vocal is soft, I like that...
Wed, Jun 24 3:15 AM Loveshadow review of Survival is the Key by iluffchinchillas
From what i can hear this is nice. But thats it i can hardly hear it. Maybe uplo...
Sat, Mar 29 6:45 PM CTFD-dtthelegend- review of Hurry by iluffchinchillas
amazing. I did a remix of it. sorry if my voice clutters with yours.
Sun, Dec 2 6:28 PM Incoherent Mumble Train review of Why'd U Go? by iluffchinchillas
It sounds like you have a very good voice. Great 1st time out! However, you ...