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EcHo2K is the cyber-image of Saverio Vigni, italian electronic music producer. EcHo2K (e2k) has been created on the second day of the mars age, built with human parts to be able to feel, complemented with technology to interface with the knowledge. When he interfaced with the first computer he discovered that it could be used to make sounds and express his inner irrationality, connected with other machine-souls to the big net he exchanged ideas and recipes to create his music. After a long training period his neural network produced some works, a first concept EP: “A day in my life” has been manufactured in 2007 and released under Creative Commons license, this EP is still available on Jamendo , 2009 his the year of his second EP: “Are we going to fix it?”.
In the meanwhile he founded a digital label called “Automa Records” and started producing “The Hazy Hollow”, a dance/pop act, and making beats for the italian rap artist “Zatarra”
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