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Singer/Songwriter Diane Jessurun brings forth vocal emotion with passion that is real, sultry and graceful. With several years of experience writing, recording, performing and producing, Diane can be described as a diverse and unique talent.

Currently, Diane is focusing on the growing electronic music scene and has been recording with top producers in the genres of house and trance.

A Southern California native, Diane began playing guitar and songwriting at the age of 14. Starting with her roots in rock and heavy metal, Diane grew as an artist and musician allowing her musical ears to open up to genres of jazz, pop, rock ,reggae, and r&b to name a few. While studying voice privately, Diane began learning music theory and vocal jazz with extremely talented teachers and mentors such as Alyce Brodoff, Mark Massey and Chris Williams whom have also become close personal friends.

Diane’s heartfelt performances are always well received because of her intense connection with both the music and the audience. Listen to her once and you will no doubt be impressed by her voice, her passion, and her warm, sultry style.

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