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Daniel Schwebel is an Australian composer, synthesist, sound designer, record producer, DJ & session musician.

Hailing from Sydney NSW, Daniel’s electric sound is influenced by the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Brian Eno, Cameron Argon & Jeff Lynne among many others.

Daniel’s main project Sweb is inspired by the ever-growing EDM & Bass music culture, combining that with the deep, melodic & relaxed emotions typically heard in downtempo electronica & ambient music, But still not straying to far away from the harsh timbres defining the various Bass driven sub-genres of the thriving EDM scene.

Under the alias of Sweb Daniel has remixed artists such as Bar9, Veela, Gimbal & Sinan, Cross Them Out, Danny Darko and a lot more.

Daniel is also fascinated with the retro sounds and musical limitations of video game consoles, Thus giving birth to Chip-music inspired side project EVE-X. The only rule when writing music for the EVE-X project; It must be done with a video game console. Typical consoles are the GameBoy ( LSDJ), Nintendo DS ( Korg DS-10) and the Sony PSP ( PSPSeq)

Other musical works include, Composition of ambient music & soundscapes for film, TV and Video games, Sound Design for various sound bank companies, Session musician work (Synthesisers, Programming & Ukulele) and many other interesting works.
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