Haptic (Clulow_Forester):

Reviews left by Haptic

Mon, Sep 28 5:25 AM Haptic review of Hallucinate by Vidian
Ah my old friend how are you! Thank you for this wonderful mix. I love the indus...
Tue, Jun 16 5:04 PM Haptic review of Ever Green by Loveshadow
Its very beautiful Loveshadow thank you! I'm Hap-py-tic :) Starting with t...
Sun, Jun 14 4:53 AM Haptic review of YCSWIGY by Loveshadow
Beautiful! Thank you, I feel very privileged to have you work with one of mine.
Sat, Apr 25 4:13 AM Haptic review of Only Love by ScOmBer
yeah ticky tocky groove!!!!
Wed, Feb 4 1:23 AM Haptic review of Wolf_Matriarch by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow headspin when the vocal comes in- strange timings- very cool.
Wed, Jan 14 11:45 PM Haptic review of Vitamins by Zep Hurme
My wife's favourite :) Sweet how the drums come in out of nowhere.
Wed, Jan 14 11:43 PM Haptic review of Vitamins by DoKashiteru
So many remixes of this vocal very humbling. I agree with the above poster, this...
Wed, Jan 14 11:42 PM Haptic review of angels by latopa
Awesome work dude! Strange remix, very acidy sort of, makes me feel unhooked fro...
Wed, Jan 14 11:40 PM Haptic review of Vitamins by Stefan Kartenberg
Beautiful remix and lovely guitar work thank you Stefan.
Wed, Jan 14 11:39 PM Haptic review of Vitamins by Jeris
Yeah Lovin' it. Some serious production going on here too.
Wed, Jan 7 12:31 AM Haptic review of Wolves by Darkroom
Oh how did I only just find this now? Lovely work- enjoying it alot thank you. -...