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Sat, Aug 17 1:31 PM Camburn review of Crank It Up by texasradiofish
I dig this. Rockin'...funky...high octane. Thanks for making me a "victim". It s...
Sun, Sep 9 5:35 AM Camburn review of Crank It Up - Camburn (Piero Peluche remix) by Piero Peluche
I like it. Nice power track. Really cool! Thanks.
Mon, Sep 3 7:37 AM Camburn review of I Only Think of You by texasradiofish
This is very lovely. Wonderful. I didn't know anything about it till today.
Thu, Aug 2 3:51 PM Camburn review of Bbm 60 Something Worldly by copperhead
Really like this. Only wish there was a about two minutes and 38 seconds more......
Sat, Jul 21 10:58 AM Camburn review of Done by TheDICE
I love this arrangement very much. It's awesome. Putting on MP3 player ASAP.
Sat, Jul 7 5:27 PM Camburn review of I Only Think Of You by TheDICE
I likey. No...I love it!
Thu, Jul 5 7:58 AM Camburn review of Disappointed by copperhead
Basically all I can say is...hellyeah. Lol. Awesome.
Tue, May 15 2:45 PM Camburn review of We Build We Breathe by copperhead
Cool track. It does have some great energy. That first parts felt intense. Then ...
Tue, May 15 2:39 PM Camburn review of Let Love Decide by Steven M Bryant
Sweet vox and lyrics. I also can hear some rock going with these.
Sun, May 13 6:37 AM Camburn review of "Meditation is a state of mind" (Kundalini Rising Part 2) by Jeris
Cool, groovy, and unique. Love it.
Fri, May 11 11:04 AM Camburn review of Hand of Sand by Robert Warrington
This is very good. The singing, the music, the arrangement,and the lyrics. I rea...
Thu, May 10 8:08 PM Camburn review of I Heart Your Brain by Kara Square
Very pretty vocals. lyrics, and music.
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