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I am Radiohazard a producer part of Biohazard productions based in the UK.

Biohazard productions is a new business model for the music industry, working with the artists and for the artists ONLY, we aim to bring about a new era of music, music that is not manufactured and produced in a label for the sole purpose of generating money to fill the pockets of greedy business men but rather to project real art that has emotion, passion and drive, this is what makes good music after all and is what could be a turning point for future generations to come in the music industry.

No complications:




Depending on the contribution from the outside artist YOU are entitled to royalties from Biohazard productions and the music we release using your vocals, guitar or band for example

Everything is dealt with in contracts and privately before any material is released.

We look forward to working with all you talented and unique individuals out there on the online digital community!!!
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Sat, Mar 3, 2012
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