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ARC (in conjunction with Aray) has just produced three CDs with new specifically composed World music (World Dialogue Sounds). These form part of the Nurturing ARC Series. A collection of some music, speeches and other writings concerning the ARC.

World Dialogue Sounds, created in 2004 by an African (Djigui Diabate from the Ivory Coast) and an Afro Caribbean (Karl Miller from Jamaica) , is a fusion of Revival Reggae, Jazz, World Music, Drum and Bass, Easy Listening, Rhythm and Blues (R&B), Soul, Tribal, Ethnic, Instrumental and Speech Rap genres. It is optimised for speech (but presents an excellent medium for singing, rapping and toasting) by removing some distracting and overbearing sounds. Created with modern computer software, it features simple loops of many instruments that require an orchestra or a large band for fine live rendition. The sounds generate soothing, sad, groovy and even party moods. The instrumentals are rich in variety of sound and can be used for discos, background music, sound effects, film moods creation or just chilling.
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