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How I Did It

The Dream West (a capella)
by Mr_Yesterday
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Sun, Dec 9, 2012 @ 11:39 PM

Tools I Used

Recorded using a Rode NT-1A and Sony PCM-D50, trimmed using DP6. Rode phantom power supplied by a FatPro FBPS-1.

Samples I Used

I published this but forgot to override the NC default. Tore it down and uploaded all over again so it's not got that restriction.

Original Samples

Lyrics and vocals are my own. Text is derived from the earlier work, SoNoGram, a collaboration with Rebecca Ayer and Sprezza first performed at Long Beach SoundWalk in 2010.


I hammered out the cue track, cleaned it up on Digital Performer, then meandered around transposing keys for a while envisioning a harmonica track I haven't gotten to.

Meanwhile the Rodes are quiet enough and sensitive enough the fan noise in the studio was an issue. Vocals were recorded in a walk-in closet with nothing but battery powered devices (Tascam DR-1 driving the cue track to my phones) and the absorptive power of natural fibers.

Other Notes

This started out as a meditation on growing up and moving on.