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How I Did It

I Never Get Out
by shockshadow
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Tue, Jan 17, 2006 @ 3:47 AM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Orion Pro, several plugin synths/drum machines/effects.

Samples I Used

Only sample used was the vocals by Brad Sucks...great sample!

Original Samples

all rhythms, sequences, chords, etc original.


This idea actually started with a beat I had in my mind. I sat down today and banged out the beat, and then made some little variations of the same beat. Then I came up with a good lead synth line, and a couple of bass tracks to accompany it, but it just didn't have the full effect I wanted. So I tried the vocals by Brad Sucks which I had intended to mutilate at a later time anyway, and it was perfect! Added some fillins, pads, etc etc until it was all done. Checked EQ's and mixed it to wav, then mp3.

Other Notes

Been a while...glad I'm back.
: )