Deep Roots Remix Event

How I Did It


Gnark Whales is primarily Gurdonark's Piano Soundtrack 1 midi routed through Psychic Modulation's Subconscious plugin using the Meteor Skies TC preset. It sounds somewhat like whales so I went with the Cetacea theme. Ran Gurdonark's secondary midi phrase through Tim Conrady's CYGNUS and Kriminal's KARNAGE plugins. At the end, the main piano midi pattern was also routed through Sytrus.

Added about 3.5 minutes of various whale samples and ccMixter percussion by Voxstone and Rhythm Boy. Guitar samples by Copperhead, J Lang, ElRon XChile and Admiral Bob were added. J Lang's guitar samples were reversed then run through Big Tick Dual Delay and Slayer's effects plugin set to Alice Cooper. Snowflake's "our one world" was tagged on the end of Copperhead's riffs. Duckett's RoboChimp was added for colorful contrast.

The whale samples are noisy and the Subconscious setting was crackling in places. The mix is noisier than I like. Was unable to remove the noise from the whale samples using Edison. Ratz!