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Kiss The Wave

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I was listening to a sermon that was talking about how God sometimes chisels us by blessing us with suffering and difficulty etc. In the sermon, the pastor gave this great C. H. Spurgeon quote (He was a preacher in the late 1800’s in England): “I have learned to kiss the wave the throws me against the Rock of Ages”. Amen and Amen! I love that quote! Suffering will either push us toward God or away from Him depending on our response. Earlier in my life my response to suffering wasn’t always to run to Him, but rather, at times, to shake my fist at Him. But over the past few years - and some pretty intense suffering - I have learned a little bit more, by the Grace of God, how to trust Him and embrace suffering knowing that He is in control of it all and that He would not allow anything in my life that is not ultimately for my sanctification and eternal welfare & joy. Over the next few days – after hearing that sermons and quote - I wrote this song.

Kiss The Wave
Words & Music by Michael Webb

When peace is not a river that flows
And all around me the wind and water rages
When lightning strikes and rain cuts cold
It is well with my soul
Let the sea billows roll

I have learned to kiss the wave
That throws me against the Rock of Ages
To wrap my arms around the threatening tide
That pulls me away
Through the depth of His Grace

I’m buried and raised
Sinking and saved
A bittersweet embrace
I kiss the wave

I am tossed upon an angry sea
I’m battered and torn but not forsaken
And my outer man is wasting away
But here on the inside
He’s making new life

I’m buried and raised
Sinking and saved
A bittersweet embrace
I kiss the wave

I don’t wanna fight You anymore
I wanna trust You
My heart is ready for the storm
Baptize me with suffering
Baptize me with glory

Buried and raised
Sinking and saved
An intricate dance
Of sorrow and praise
A bittersweet embrace
My God holds sway
I kiss the wave

Anyone relate??

"Kiss The Wave"
by wilburson

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