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Sister Midnight & The Barn Dance Gang

uploaded: Sat, Apr 23, 2016 @ 8:24 PM last modified: Sun, Apr 24, 2016 @ 1:16 AM  (replace)
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Get Up with Sister Midnight and the Barn Danze Gang

After listening to Reiswerk’s version of Melody’s Get Up, it was clear TRF needed to jam with Reiswerk on some country, banjo, rave drum, southern rock, sitting and playing on the front porch music.

Using Melody’s vocal track “as is”, pasted Reiswerk’s Harpoon and Banjo tracks as a backing track to set the front porch music mood. Created a simple umpah midi bass using a SampleTank 2 factory double bass preset and layered most of the bass line with a sequencer synth voice for a slap back that melded nicely with banjo. To reduce the umpah bass, the bass walks through most of the break.

Searching our sound library revealed several Computer Music provided Alex Blanco Rave loops that worked nicely for drums. Nickleus’ funky drummer snare sample provided the necessary drive.

Went back to ccmixter looking for some country tracks. Found that some pieces of unreal_dm’s Country Rock in A guitar repitched to G worked well for the intro, outro and break.

Added a little country fiddle and a promo by Pat Chilla in intro. Was looking for some legal and accompaniment free Grand Ol’ Opre or old time country radio samples to use as promo but an search did not provide peace, love and happiness in this instance. Pat Chilla’s promo slipped in nicely with no reservations.

At this point, ElRon XChile wanted to record using new noiseless P90 pickups that his favorite luthier installed in his gold Washburn guitar, and using a new glass slide. I prefer to record humbuckers but the noiseless P90s worked.

Unfortunately, my outboard tube preamp and the audio input to my music computer died. After a couple hours of problem determination by swapping out components, reseating a card, crashing a Windows 7 audio driver, reinstalling the driver a couple of times and imbibing a steady stream of bourbon, we managed to work around the problem well enough to record a well lubricated ElRon. Then we went for Mexican food. I had the Texas Redfish grilled with skin on the fillet. Very nice!

Since looking through for old time radio clips was not fruitful, visited The OTRR Library has more than 85,000 individual episodes from nearly 2,000 series for you to download. While this library was created primarily with the members of the Old Time Radio Researchers group in mind, anyone may download for FREE.

“Country Style USA” sample from OTTR was added to the intro and “Cowboy Hit Parade” sample added to the outro. Especially like the juxtaposition of the “Country Syle USA” intro and Pat Chilla’s ccmixter radio promo.

"Sister Midnight & The Barn Dance Gang"
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