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Acceptance (SAW mix) + stems

uploaded: Tue, Feb 24, 2015 @ 9:41 AM last modified: Fri, Nov 20, 2015 @ 11:35 AM  (del)
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From an English point of view, not sure what it’s like elsewhere, attitudes towards even the most minor disabilities are appalling. Any medical condition pales into insignificance in terms of disability compared to dealing with narrow minded attitudes that make it almost impossible for many to work or lead normal family lives.

I’m not a communist but a businessman, and nor do I have a problem with those who have inherited wealth either. Prince Charles and the late Tony Benn are fantastic, although they’re controversial and eccentric, they have their hearts in the right place.

But the British Establishment are best termed not the ruling classes but the measuring classes- all they do is measure people- above normal, below normal etc, and they’d rather people be a second class normal and have a sad life than be a first class own self.

The materialist cult is worse than anything you’ll find in Waco or Jonestown- a cult it is and it splits families up with lies, fighting brothers against sisters, and people get punished more for being themselves than being actual criminals, including serious ones.

When people think of the Nazis they think of 1930s Germany, but those same ideas could be found in Britain’s ruling elite centuries earlier. Not only do they want 90% of all the land and money but total control over the remainder, it’s the same sort of attitudes you’d associate with apartheid South Africa and stuff. And the racist ideas responsible for that weren’t from the Boers, nor was the genocide and repression of Native Americans and Australian Aborigines the fault of common Europeans, but our usurping ruling classes.

Sorry for sounding bitter, but their class/race war nearly destroyed our family. These goons use the mental health system to prevent people standing up for their rights in courts and for these robber barons to steal property. They hunt single moms like witches, yet our dictatorial government breaks up families. We call the Home Office the Home Wrecking Office.

Free market economies are great, we don’t have one here. We can’t make money because of lack of royalties- split that up into royal ties- ties to the “royal” family, the lady on the cash and stamps and her immediate family aren’t that bad, but they are a front for this respectable (respect-a-bullshitter) criminal classes. The US fought the revolutionary war to be rid of this yet it crept back in, the Brits too fought WW2 to be free of fascism yet they wormed their way back in, infiltrating non-elected positions, including the scientific establishment.

There’s good people though in all classes and ethnicities though, and good will always triumph, the fact they’re getting so desperate now shows they are losing. Whether you beleive in God or “fate and destiny” as an atheist, good people know the power of love will always beat the love of power. Karma is as real as gravity, it simply explains that human nature follows the laws of physics and mathematics- hardly airy-fairy. Evolution isn’t about brute rat race force, otherwise we’d evolve into single celled organisms which are far hardier than fragile human life.

We are perfect but do all have disabilities- because that is so we can work as a team using one person’s strengths to help other’s weaknesses.

Anyway, rant over, we’re winning and our enemies are too stupid to think of new tricks, after all if they’re too stupid to understand that what comes around goes around they don’t have a lot of brains.

But back to the music and positive news, our family is reconciling and more people are seeing through the false reality and value set pushed by the mass media.

Snowflake provides a super vocal and piano line, which we’ve kept unedited. All parts included, and we’ve made it a dance version.

Thank you for sharing this music. I’ve actually been diagnosed as mentally ill simply for disagreeing with the concept of random co-incidences which the hard science of maths actually proves that true random does not exist.

Being yourself is more fun, more useful, and as it’s our time and our lives, we can’t waste it.

Much love, this site has allowed us to make and listen to the music we love that the MSM won’t let us hear. We’ve recently become famous again locally under our real names,still have very little cash which we’ve ploughed back in to music and the love that goes with it.

Thanks to all at ccmixter. No copyright is enforced on the beats, basslines etc, the rest belongs to snowflake.

The title is especially good. We have to accept our past and our present, but we don’t have to accept the fact that changing things for the better is impossible. Where there is a will for a better world, there will always be a way. Peace.

In the words of Eternal’s classic power ballad “In a world where some have more and some have less, I have love, and I am blessed”

"Acceptance (SAW mix) + stems"
by stellarartwars

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