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Amy Winehouse Blues (stems)

uploaded: Sat, Nov 3, 2012 @ 5:21 PM last modified: Sat, Nov 3, 2012 @ 5:34 PM  (add)
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What a lot of people in English music would like to say but have careers to worry about. Nuff said. Tribute to the talented late Amy Winehouse.

3 litres of supermarket own brand cider
10 millilitres of meth
a couple of java cofee flavoured sweets
so the cops can’t smell my breath
i’m sippin’ a tripple expresso
and puffin’ away on my fag
i’m praying to god almighty
that tonight’s my final bag
but i ain’t suicidal
that implies there’s something to lose
this wrap of skag is cut with speed
so i’m singing
the amy winehouse blues
there’s a lot of crap musicians who’re
much richer than me
but i’ve got no sense of jealous rage
who wants to be a monkey on reality tv
masturbating in rupert murdoch’s cage
this world of entertainment
is really fucking fake
as shirley said to lisa
it’s fucking lovely mate
my precious little sister
ain’t married to jack tweed
you’re either obsessed with the media lies
or believe the crap you read
and peter bloody wilson
ain’t dressed up as a bear
as bob dylan succinctly put it
i cease to fucking care
maybe i’ll start a business
help some folk out
strike it rich
but there’s no more satisfaction
than digging a fucking ditch
so he said, let me entertain you
whilst we said, why don’t you bugger off
rock ‘n’ roll died out for sure in 69
so i might as well cut my ears off like van gough
they say, let’s bring back badger baiting
they reckon it will slow the spread of VD
it’s hares for the courses
atlantic city diving horses
the only thing worth watching now
is bestiality
the kylies and the jasons
freeloaders and freemasons
ku klux klan grand wizards
shape shifting fucking lizards
the fops and the ponces
shameless systematic nonces
the world of entertainment has it all!
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"Amy Winehouse Blues (stems)"
by stellarartwars

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