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Love Came Back To The Dancefloor (Stems)

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First all-new song I’ve written and performed myself for a bit, about having a great big party when the soulless corporate pop world implodes and we get real bands back again! Public domain, use as you please. It’s similar music to the instrumental of “An Economy Is Nothin But A Recipe” by ProjectQuestion, and as such would make a good backing for a rap track.

Love Came Back To The Dancefloor
What’s the use of owning stuff when you haven’t got a soul?
When the singer’s pretty and perfectly in key
But her songs they leave a hole
Svengalis, moguls and fixit guys
But they can’t make love with their repeated lies
It’s a trendy beat
But it sure ain’t sweet
Megabucks we may lack
But we’re taking our music back!
When the fashion and cash have gone
But we’re still in love
You still turn me on
And you’re being watched my none
When love came back to the dancefloor
You could wind your window down
And your brother high fives
Turns his head to the sound
‘cos the time has come
When love came back to the dancefloor
They’ll get het up over piracy, but they’re slave traders and warships
On the side of financiers
And stuffy governmental forces
It’s time to make a difference now
Pick up your guitar and let’s show them how
Stories and feelings with genuine meanings
this decay we’ll attack, we’re taking our music back!

"Love Came Back To The Dancefloor (Stems)"
by stellarartwars

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