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Free Music & Free Beer & Death

uploaded: Mon, Jul 23, 2012 @ 10:35 PM
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Free Music and Free Beer. And Death. Free Death. And why not? Can’t make room for new life if there’s no death around, can we boys and girls? :)

An so sullied forth a Disc Jockey. A Disc Jockey sent by God or Satan, doesn’t really matter which, to grind up bubblegum reality TV pop and excrete it out in the form of Death. That Legendary Disc Jockey’s name was *DEATH* .

Download this and other DJ Death extended sets for halloween created out of DJ mixes of my more weird shit bud oddly poppy at the same time.

Fun acid mash-up, enjoy!

All the parts used in this mash up are available on this site!

As you can probably imagine we (that’s me and the little gremlins who reside in my head) had fun making this! I’d like to see this performed with a live drummer, a bloke dressed up as a dancing bear, and an Elvis* impersonator playing tambourine! I don’t have the cash to make vids at the moment, so you will have to imagine this.

The Death Band.

So there’s one guy playing drums along to the mix, an Elvis* impersonator doing MCs “toasting” and another guy dressed up as a bear.

I will sit in an armchair, pipe in mouth and slippers up on a footrest, sensuously caressing a dead lobster on my lap. Maybe dressed as Hitler or with a WW1 spiked helmet or something.

What is very interesting to the curious is that every one of Death’s mixes, providing Death can be bothered contain some of a previous “Genuine Death (tm)” product+

*By Elvis we mean Elvis. Not Mr Wilson in any way, shape or form so don’t get paranoid or legalistic please.
+Genuine Death” and “Ask For Death And Accept Death Only By Name.” are trademarks of Death. Accept No substitute!

"Free Music & Free Beer & Death"
by stellarartwars

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