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What Does That Mean

uploaded: Tue, Nov 22, 2022 @ 4:52 AM
FeaturingMalreDeszik, Apoxode
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This reminds me of an assignment we were given way back in middle school. Creative Writing class maybe? We were tasked with picking a song and explaining it’s meaning. This is when Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Bye Bye Miss American Pie and that one about leaving a cake out in the rain were all the rage. And I’m sure that’s what the teacher had in mind. So I chose The Turtles’ Happy Together. I think it was my smart-ass way to say sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Also I could complete the assignment with just one or two sentences. Which I did. I don’t remember what grade I got but I do remember the look I got from the teacher. I think he reluctantly appreciated the humor (maybe not so much the laziness) of my choice. We shared an odd smile.

Also just – regarding this particular song, Goodnight Irene – really!? - you don’t know what that means!?

I’m also reminded of an interview I once saw/heard. The interviewer read a passage from the interviewee (famous author) then asked “now, what does that mean?” Said the author, “You mean you’d like me to repeat myself only less well?”.

The vocal samples in this mix come from (Old Time Radio Researchers). A show called Talk Back.

The internet tells me a piece of music becomes public domain 70 years after the author dies. Huddie Ledbetter died in 1949.
Old radio transmissions were never copyrighted.

Thanks to:
MalreDeszik – bass, beats and synths
Apoxode – sub bass, beats and synths

"What Does That Mean"
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