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Otamatone Samples

uploaded: Tue, Mar 9, 2021 @ 6:32 AM last modified: Tue, Mar 9, 2021 @ 6:44 AM  (add)
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Ordered a few new toys out of boredom the other day. This is the Otamatone, cute little thing, lots of fun to play with. Probably more fun to play with than it is to listen to.
This is a bunch of loops/samples cut from my initial ‘getting to know you’ session. Good for - well, I guess that’s up to you.
It was recorded with the Tascom DR-05 (field recorder) as opposed to being plugged into the audio interface (which I think is possible with this model) so you get all the squeaky ‘mouth’ noises in there.
The preview is… well… it is what it is. (Quick and dirty demo.)
There are many samples in the zips that aren’t in the preview.

Contents of ZIP Archive: otamatone low

  • /otamatone low 01a.flac (545.85KB)
  • /otamatone low 02a.flac (470.39KB)
  • /otamatone low 03a.flac (728.42KB)
  • /otamatone low 04a.flac (585.22KB)
  • /otamatone low 05a.flac (1.04MB)
  • /otamatone low 06a.flac (393.33KB)
  • /otamatone low 07a.flac (1.95MB)
  • /otamatone low 08a.flac (1,006.47KB)
  • /otamatone low 09a.flac (561.02KB)
  • /otamatone low 10a.flac (964.85KB)
  • /otamatone low 11a.flac (1.00MB)
  • /otamatone low 12a.flac (723.06KB)
  • /otamatone low 13a.flac (685.38KB)
  • /otamatone low 14a.flac (872.65KB)
  • /otamatone low 15a.flac (573.85KB)
  • /otamatone low 16a.flac (588.49KB)
  • /otamatone low 17a.flac (1.18MB)
  • /otamatone low 18a.flac (295.77KB)
  • /otamatone low 19a.flac (708.18KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: otamatone mid

  • /otamatone mid 01a.flac (1.78MB)
  • /otamatone mid 02a.flac (813.39KB)
  • /otamatone mid 03a.flac (1.80MB)
  • /otamatone mid 04a.flac (349.16KB)
  • /otamatone mid 05a.flac (1.57MB)
  • /otamatone mid 06a.flac (1.19MB)
  • /otamatone mid 07a.flac (2.10MB)
  • /otamatone mid 08a.flac (578.00KB)
  • /otamatone mid 09a.flac (901.70KB)
  • /otamatone mid 10a.flac (429.98KB)
  • /otamatone mid 11a.flac (565.38KB)
  • /otamatone mid 12a.flac (1.15MB)
  • /otamatone mid 13a.flac (327.69KB)
  • /otamatone mid 14a.flac (328.47KB)
  • /otamatone mid 15a.flac (726.17KB)
  • /otamatone mid 16a.flac (540.34KB)
  • /otamatone mid 17a.flac (396.47KB)
  • /otamatone mid 18a.flac (760.38KB)
  • /otamatone mid 19a.flac (1.10MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: otamatone high

  • /otamatone high 01a.flac (741.27KB)
  • /otamatone high 02a.flac (200.32KB)
  • /otamatone high 03a.flac (211.94KB)
  • /otamatone high 04a.flac (1,015.54KB)
  • /otamatone high 05a.flac (1.54MB)
  • /otamatone high 06a.flac (2.07MB)
  • /otamatone high 07a.flac (1.23MB)
  • /otamatone high 08a.flac (306.00KB)
  • /otamatone high 09a.flac (634.95KB)
  • /otamatone high 10a.flac (1.83MB)
  • /otamatone high 11a.flac (760.83KB)
  • /otamatone high 12a.flac (815.93KB)
  • /otamatone high 13a.flac (545.21KB)
  • /otamatone high 14a.flac (531.65KB)
  • /otamatone high 15a.flac (496.90KB)
  • /otamatone high 16a.flac (896.76KB)
  • /otamatone high 17a.flac (651.90KB)
  • /otamatone high 18a.flac (674.19KB)
  • /otamatone high 19a.flac (172.14KB)
  • /otamatone high 20a.flac (1.48MB)
  • /otamatone high 21a.flac (917.43KB)
  • /otamatone high 22a.flac (336.76KB)
  • /otamatone high 23a.flac (415.81KB)
  • /otamatone high 24a.flac (748.85KB)
  • /otamatone high 25a.flac (294.03KB)
  • /otamatone high 26a.flac (641.61KB)

"Otamatone Samples"
by Speck

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