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Featuringunreal_dm, Martijn de Boer
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Thanks to unreal_dm for the lovely backing track (I like to sing about ugly things to beautiful music) and to Martijn de Boer for the alternate bass.

Vocals uploaded separately here.


What is the point
of yelling about it
when something is so obviously wrong

Nothing we say
seems to make a difference
and neither will this song

I used to think
that no matter what happened
there had to be some adults in the room

Somebody with
a little compassion
What a stupid thing that was to assume

Turns out to be
that all you need is money
and the willingness to deceive

To take advantage
of the unwashed masses
just tell them what they want to believe

Then implement
your destructive agenda
Label yourself conservative and right

Forget the fact
it’s impossible not to notice
everything you do is out of spite

Your mind is weak
and it’s getting worse daily
How can you think it doesn’t show

I could fill
probably two thirds of the planet
with all the things about it you don’t know

But what’s the point
of pointing it out
Your appointment was so obviously wrong

I guess I should
consider myself lucky
I live in a country that won’t jail me for this song

At least not yet
Who knows about tomorrow
What continued tolerance of you might bring

So OK yeah
I will be an amplifier
Turn my voice up to eleven it still won’t change a thing

by Speck

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