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good luck my friend

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the cactus lives outside on a balcony
its almost 2 foot tall now
and all day and all night
it does nothing
except grow
it lives in a tiny flowerpot
it grows upwards

in a couple of days it will be time
to replant the cactus in open ground

there ll be a welcoming party
there ll be visitors and guests
thin worms and fat worms, grubs, insects and all manner of tiny little microorganisms
and the cactus will stretch its limbs
living in the luxury of the earth
enjoying the tickling, tingling sensations, the attention bestowed upon it
and all that subterranean hustle and bustle
the cactus roots
freed from the confining plastic
will reach out and start exploring

and probably when i shuffle off this mortal coil
the cactus will be 10 foot tall
with a big fat base
and perhaps even some offspring

good luck my friend !

"good luck my friend"
by martinsea

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