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autumnal pell

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Melanie Creighton trashed this vocal but we like it so we bucked her advice for once.

Vox : Manuel Mario Celeste
The flac includes two takes, one panned left, the other right

you have the power
you have the strength within
but it’s autumn in your heart

you see gray rocks, sulphurous lichen
colorless sea, driftwood on the tideline

you are looking
speculating about ways to understand and regroup

fidgeting fingers
flash floods in your heart
eating sugar compulsively
staring and staring
unable to move
to change scenarios

you have the power
the strength within
you turn left, turn right
stop start start stop
there’s war betweeen your selves

autumn is nature closing down shop
for winter
and you’re trying
to understand and accept
realize and acknowledge
that each season has its own truth

you have the power
you have the strength within

"autumnal pell"
by martinsea

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