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Colour Over Blue

uploaded: Mon, Jun 8, 2020 @ 3:02 AM last modified: Mon, Jun 8, 2020 @ 3:04 AM  (add)
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Andrew kindly uploaded the stems to his awesome Bolton-like remix of Admiral Bob.

Sadly, I soon discovered I didnt have the vocal chops or the high range of either Mr Bolton, or our very own Admiral Bob for that matter, so it essentially became an exercise in lyric writing to fit the genre.

I asked my wife Sassygal to go all Whitney/Linda Ronstadt on it - but my draft lyrics contained far too much cheese for her to take on.
I hope to entice her back into the studio soon…

Well what about the song?
On the surface its just a cheesy love song but underneath its about self reflection; finding and recognising love across an interracial/cultural divide and building bridges over the prejudices that have kept us all apart.
Please excuse me, I use the word “colour” as a metaphor for mood rather than race, but the two seem to be inexplicably linked. Sad to see what is happening on the streets of the US with seemingly no resolution or reconcilation in sight. Why can’t we just all get on?

Anyway here’s my song delivered warts and all, served with a topping of plenty of 80’s adult contemporary cheddar - no Mr Bolton mullet required. Peace

I’ve uploaded the vocal here

“Colour Over Blue”

Take a look at my reflection
in the window
city lights they burn my solitary mind
Down below two lovers share affection
their hands their lives and futures are entwined

Been there too many times I’ve wasted
Was over ‘fore it started
I just spilled the wine
I never stopped to savour what I tasted
Walk away and tell my friends that Ill be fine

I’ve been in love so many times I am a fool
I’ve learnt to live my life
by breaking my own rules
and when it comes to love you’ll see
destruction’s what I choose
Just watch me fade again
my colours into blue.

And then she came into my life
She calls everybody “baby”
colourblind my black and white
Try again, too late for me, oh maybe?
She paints technicolor daylight
over darkest night

I’ve been in love so many times I am a fool
I’ve learnt to live my life
by breaking my own rules
And now it comes to love you’ll see -
what have I to lose?
Can she help me see again
some colour over of blue?

My colour over blue?
My colour over blue!

‘Cause I’ve been in love so many times that I’m a fool
to watch it crash right down
don’t understand the rules
But now shes standing here
I know what I should do!
Paint that colour over blue

Scomber x 2020

"Colour Over Blue"
by ScOmBer

2020 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Editorial pick

Skillfully remixing the Scomber/Sleeperspaceborn collaboration, Colour Over Blues, aminimal delivers an excellent 80s style power ballad complete with addition of a soaring guitar solo and power guitar outro.


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