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Love Chains (2in2)

uploaded: Thu, May 13, 2010 @ 3:47 PM
FeaturingRodeo Drives' J.C. Helu and BOCrew
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I was looking at the site stats page here on ccmixter.

Some interesting reading showing how the site has developed since its inception a little over 5 years ago.
Scanning the lists, I am floored to look at the “Most Remixed A Cappellas” list - there are a couple that I haven’t touched!

To my shock I have also just past Teru (no I’m not worthy!) as having the most remixes on ccM.
Yes, 227 bits of evidence that I must have way too much time on my hands.
Agreed, most register pretty high on the shitometer. But a few don’t smell that bad.

What has been a whole lot of fun though, is interacting with the wealth of diverse talent found here on ccM.
None of it would be possible without the source artists.
These are the guys and gals that start the musical conversations which form the essence of cc mixter.
There’s the rappers like Forensic and KCentric. The guitar guys like Admiral Bob and Unreal_dm.
The outright superstars like Songboy3 and Loveshadow.
The poets like Anchor and Panu.
The curators like MC Jack and SackJo.
There’s the brave artists like Brad Sucks and Shannon Hurley who have embraced the idea that giving something away for free makes good business sense by encouraging their fan base to become musically involved.
Then there’s everyone else out there that has ever loaded some source into their rig and heard something different come out the other end. Something worth sharing.

Some of you may remember my self imposed crazy “a song a day” experiment.
I think I made it to 120.
A friend later asked, why didn’t you try something that wouldn’t take so long? 365 days is a long time.
24 songs in 24 hours? Possible? Sane? Not sure.


Anyway, here’s a practice run.
2 mixes, 2 hours.
The theme is “groove”. Has to be groovy.
Oh and the other rule is that it needs to be a complete song. ie verse chorus etc. not just an idea.


It has now been 63 minutes so I’m already falling behind.
The first cab off the rank is Rodeo Drives’ J.C. Helu with some slick BOCrew grooves.
“Love Chains”.
Is that Snowflake I hear in the background asking for beer too?
Oh and the BOCrew sample “Kadelioscop_Jess Beat 04” has been taken down? Attributed to another “Jessbeat” sample .

That added another couple of minutes.

Back to it. :-)

"Love Chains (2in2)"
by ScOmBer

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