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Moth to the Flame

uploaded: Sat, Sep 12, 2009 @ 8:01 AM
FeaturingSpinmeister, Jacinda Espinosa and a Moth
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I’m really getting tired of every breakthrough artist including a song about a butterfly on their 2nd and follow up album.

What about the poor old moth????
Scorned, degraded and thoroughly discriminated against.
I think its time to balance the ledger and promote moths as the sexy, funloving, play all night/sleep all day party animals they really are.
Oh yeah, another romance song for the south west London girls - though I suspect that they don’t quite fancy moths. ;-)

Loveshadow was correct in once saying that you shouldn’t play any of your work to close family and friends (they just tend to look at you even more strangely) He’s completely right.

Many thanks to Spinmeister for posting the source and Jacinda for completing the creepy insect theme.

Here’s the words; for those that hate moths out there (I know who you are) just substitute the word Butterfly or Jude Law.

Moth to the Flame

The lightest touch upon your skin
your baby blues they draw me in
so close it has to be a sin
attracted to your fire within

I’m a moth right to your flame of love
my guiding star
obscured above
I’ve tasted stone from smooth to rough
but nothing like a woman’s touch

I feel my way right through the night
your leaves they dance in summer night
they say a butterfly
would change his mind
(and get things right)

My wings are velvet to your touch
my camouflage confuse them much
your nectar’s sweet
there aint no rush
till morning breaks
my need is such
(I promise I won’t fly away)

My metamorphous reached a peak
my love for you won’t last a week
if tactile love is all you seek
take me now
before I fade
one morning in the heat

Your breast is beating with my heart
your breath is sweet
like summer start
through compound eyes I dream of you
with sugar bowls in early dew
I know our love is kind of strange
I’ve lived through many forms unchanged
you guide my soul right through the night
(against your lips
so firm and ripe)

moth right to your flame above
my guiding star
obscured by love
I’ve tasted life both smooth and rough
but nothing like your tender touch

Don’t know if it is wrong or right
my dreams in moonlight burning bright
they say if night is cold and dark
your naked torso
smooth like bark
A love affair won’t surely last
so fly way with me before nights past
we’ll meet again in fields of dreams
No hungry birds or zapper screens……
keep the home light on for me now baby

Scomber 2009 x

"Moth to the Flame"
by ScOmBer

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