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Accidentally Beautiful

uploaded: Thu, Sep 10, 2009 @ 8:07 AM
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Have you ever noticed the same pretty girl on the train each morning and never summoned up the courage to say hello?

Many thanks to Paul for bringing the band along;
you may detect that I’ve been listening to a bit of old Mark Knofler/Dire Straits this morning…

Hope you like, wanted to tell a story with this one.
Oh and thanks to the Naked Lady for the backup vocals - you’re absolutely beautiful…

I need to post a bit of source and pells soon…I’m so sorry…

Anyway, here’s my handbook for pickn up on public transport lol.
Its for you Per with those girls in the fake pradas and red lipstick

Scomber 2009 xxx

Accidentally Beautiful

It was Monday morning
beginning to rain
I pushed my way to a seat
on that slow commuter train

Been taking the trip
five days a week for years
always counting down to Friday
with some boys and some beers

But that’s when it changed,
when she sat next to me
had my heart rearranged
I got a lump in my throat
and knot down to my loins
with a sweat on my brow
and a pocket full of coins

Oh Lady
could we catch this all the way?
cause my weekly tickets voided
I will never be the same

Then Tuesday came
oh much too slow
but I made the 7.23
hoping she would show
and I’m shaking like a teenage boy
should I ask her to the dance?
and if I see her here this morning
I might finally get the chance

Oh Lord!
she’s walking here,
here she comes
This time her hair tied back
with those sunglasses on
and heels so high
with a smile that’s shining clean
can I summon up the courage
with my heart out on my sleeve??

Oh lady
I’m stumbling what to say
she was accidentally beautiful
and heading my way
with my chest beating crazy
and a head now full of pain
I was accidentally tongue tied
and I didn’t know her name

Accidentally beautiful

I’m half way now
I’ve been getting through my week
but wake up and its Wednesday
with no kisses on my cheek
Today she’s look n fine
in straight cut business suit
trousers rid n tight to heaven
but the point is probably moot

Oh lady
I’m done dying this way
cause she’s accidentally beautiful
even more than yesterday
can I breathe another moment
without a word to say??
when I’m accidentally fall n for her
now shes look n my way!
She was positively beautiful

Beautiful today :-)


It’s Thursday now
I’m pick n up my pay
and I’m absolutely broke
tired of living this way
when heard out of the speaker
that train is running late
so I’ll have to do the buses
cause I haven’t time to wait
I climb aboard,
and I sense she’s just behind
she was accidentally beautiful
and I’m running out of time
I turn now to my shoulder
with an urge right now to say
you are absolutely beautiful
and I’d love to know your name
Then she smiles (and says)
Are my heading my way?
Cause your absolutely gorgeous
I really got to say!

Well I sit down at work
wishing hours away
hoping I’ll get a chance to talk to you
on that quitting train
with ice all gone and broken
I’ll be lifting up my game
cause I’m absolutely certain
now I know you feel the same
Oh lady
My lust aint only to blame
I’m feeling incidentally wonderful
I’ll tell you now today
that I am absolutely fall n
with a pocket full of play
can I ask you out for dinner
down on Mulberry lane
And there you are
waiting on a seat
with a smile just for me
that’s lighting up the street.

accidentally beautiful
accidentally falling for you


"Accidentally Beautiful"
by ScOmBer

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